Zuiderzee Museum 

We spent a great day dodging the rain. The outside part is divided into little groups of houses that represent different parts of zuiderzee life. It was set up in 1947 as people realised that the 37 km dyke from Enkhuizen to Lalystad which formed the Markermeer in the late 1930’s was changing the fishing culture and heritage of the region. 

The harbour

The fishing village

No pegs needed to hang up the washing

The village

Gapers advertising a pharmacy!

The windmill uses an Archimedean screw to pump water from the Polder to the other side of the dyke

‘Modern’ fishing ca 1950

The inside part of the museum was a mix of strange Dutch modern art installation together with local history! This ranges from cabbages, traditional clothes, fishing boats and the Dutch East India Company! The DEIA or VOC is apparently the oldest trademark in the world.


Traditional clothing

Fishing boats and barges

Dutch life, add a few wind turbines and it is just like sailing is today!

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