We’re off

Finally, a spring/summer break in the Covid pandemic means that it is now or perhaps never to getaway and go West! Grace is fighting fit! She has a new saildrive diaphragm, a clean, antifouled hull, an engine service and a hull polish. Her decks are a bit grim but a quick clean will bring up the ‘plastic’ teak wonderfully!

New diaphragm fitted. The old one was in perfect condition but at 12 years old it should have been replaced every 7 years! Perhaps I may regret this enthusiasm as ‘if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it’ is often a good mantra!
Almost safely back in the water!

We’re off! It is 6.30 am and we are ready to leave Northney, we want to catch the westerly tidal stream to take us the 19nm down the Solent to Cowes.

6.30 am at Northney
Down the Emsworth Channel

Within 50 mins we were at West Pole and heading West. Soon we were flying down towards Portsmouth, and passing the harbour mouth at just after 9 am I ‘VHFed’ the NCI at Gosport on Channel 65 to ask for a radio check. I was quickly responded to!

Just passing Portsmouth

It is now 10.30 am and we are in Cowes! Berthed on White 4. An incredible quick trip for us – Northney to Cowes in just 4 hours!

Starting Guns at RYS
WW2 Rescue launch. You hear it before you see it!

3 thoughts on “We’re off”

  1. Hello from Augustenborg. Hope you have better winds than us(F 1 and 8 only so far) Where are you now? Best wishes to you all. Nicola


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