A bath with a view!

It is three weeks since I had a bath! For someone who normally has a bath everyday and often two, three weeks of showers is not quite the same! And this Marina has baths! It is probably the best view from a bath I have ever had, especially of the diners in the restaurant below! Which incidentally does a fine Schnitzel and beer!

Bath view

The view from Grace is interesting as we are sandwiched between a ship yard repairing drilling platforms and the ferry terminal on the other the other side but the river view if fantastic and always changing. There are also some beautiful yachts parked here and it is always interesting to watch the comings and goings to the bar as people turn up in their speedboats and moor up outside.

Drilling platform

Really expensive yachts

Always something going on on the the river

Centraal Station is just a free 15 minutes ferry ride away. It is Saturday and the place is humid and heaving with people. We have become used to the gentility of Dordrecht so all these people and the smell is a bit of a shock. It might have been the route we are following, my phone has Apple Maps but it seems to take us past every 'cafe' and the smell of weed is everywhere as are the teenagers looking for their first joints or the old derelicts looking for their last.

Our ferry ride to the station
We enjoy the Amsterdam Museum and their Amsterdam DNA exhibition is very good. I especially like the boat hook from 1310, it is exactly like ours…..we could do with another one! However, a very nice place is also the courtyard cafe that is shaded by a large Linden tree.
It is Sunday so it must be the Rijks Museum. We get there early to avoid the queue and download their app using the best wifi we have found anywhere! I should have bought my iPad so I could have updated that as well. Now their app takes you from the coffee shop (great coffee) to the restaurant (excellent 70's style Vol au Vents) in just over 90 minutes without stopping to see all the tedious Rembrandt portraits that he had to knock out to pay the bills. You just see the best stuff!

The good stuff

The interesting stuff
As it is Monday 24th July we move on to Durgerdam, it is only 4 miles from Amsterdam but it is through the Oranjesluis and bridge. This means we are out into the Markermeer and ready to go north towards Germany once we have met our youngest daughter from Schipol. It is so quiet here in Durgerdam that it is hard to believe that it is only a few minutes away from bustle of Amsterdam.

Grace in Durgerdam Marina


1 thought on “A bath with a view!”

  1. Your holiday(?) continues to be most interesting and good to hear that the ‘bath’ lived up to expectations! Sure Ellie will have a lovely time with you. A and M x


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