The land that time forgot!

We decide to stay another at Kaag Island, the weather is looking a bit wet and stormy and despite backing onto a vast Royal Dutch Shipyard the island is very peaceful and sleepy. We top up with local produce from the dairy and make some excellent cheese omelette for supper!

Fresh from the farm

It also gives us an opportunity to do a few jobs such as find the dinghy in the hold and test the outboard which has not been used for 6 months and dangled of the back of the boat in all sorts of weather!
The dinghy rescued from the depths of our hold

Of course it is a Honda and it starts straight away once I remember the ‘killcord’ . I weave about the marina bouncing off posts and things before finally bringing it under control! Good job it is only 2.3 hp on an inflatable dinghy the size of a large tyre. 

Of course it will start it is a Honda

The most important job and reason why we rediscovered the dinghy was to swap the gas bottle at the chandlery across the canal. We were in grave danger of not being able to make cups of tea! 

Of course there was a simpler and safer option which would have been to invest one Euro and take the ferry.

The perfectly good ferry

 But no, Anne and I perch precariously in the dinghy and weave our way across the canal avoiding ferries, barges, yachts but not quite a motor boat! 

We tie up and make the most dignified exit we can on our hands and knees, scrabbling on to the bank to avoid falling in the drink! 

The chandlery is really good and soon we have a big pile of ‘essentials’ only to discover that he doesn’t take bumpy credit cards! So back it all goes and we empty our pockets of cash and leave with the gas bottle and a map, interesting priced in Guilders! It is only 17 years since the Euro came to Holland! 

Our plan, to take the dinghy around to the restaurant and tie up outside while we make a cool entrance like film stars at Canne is put on ice after our experience of going to the chandlers as we think we will look more like a couple of vagrants arriving in Caen instead! So we walk to our lunch.


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