Sit Rep!

9th September 2017

After covering 846 nm and 12.5 degrees of longitude Grace’s 2017 cruise is ending in Nykobing! The weather has started to deteriorate for autumn. Trapped by bad weather for 2 days we have our route back to Augustenborg planned! We need five clear days to get across the Smaelands to Vejro, the Great Belt to Nyborg  and on to Svenborg and then finally crossing the Little Belt to Augustenborg. 

Planning session 1 in the warm!

Planning session 2 ……much better!

We are making a break for it! we have a gap in the weather for 2 days ahead of 5 days of gales. Let’s see how far we can get!

1 thought on “Sit Rep!”

  1. Good sailing. Hope you avoid the bad weather. Tyn -y-Groes also experiencing the first autumnal weather.
    Love, Jan & John.


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