Norderney, a leak and the nudist beach!

The rough trip over from Borkum has shown that we have a leak somewhere as there is water in the bilges. Nothing major but the labels on some of the food tins we have stored there have come off. That will make for some interesting meals later on!

Anyway I spend a happy few hours dismantling bits of the saloon and taking chunks of skin off my knuckles to try to get the floorboards up to dry the water!

Getting the floorboards up!

I also take advantage of the torrential rain showers to wash the thick layer of salt that now covers Grace!

Not sure which is better me or Grace!

Norderney is a traditional German seaside resort and we hire bikes and explore the town, the beaches, the lighthouse and paths and dykes around the island.

The town 

 The beach

The lighthouse 

I even build up courage to go paddling on the nudist beach!

Paddling at the nudist beach, British style!

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