Full charge….

Two new Enduroline domestic batteries have been fitted, the cases are a bit bigger than the original Banners so the installation is not as elegant as the originals. We also have a new starting battery too! Good job there is plenty of space in the battery compartment! I was a bit unhappy with the security of the installation- I really would not want 80 kg of lead and sulphuric acid flying about the cabin in a Force 6 beat! I went a bit wild with the Gorilla Tape and wedge them in plastic boxes.

The batteries are sealed and apparently don’t need venting when charging . I’m a bit uncomfortable with that as it was the vents that saved us from boiling sulphuric acid spaying around the saloon in the middle of the night. However we now the battery charger is on a separate circuit so we can switch it on when we want it! Hopefully now we won’t have the same problem again!

New charger switch
Smart charger now under our smart control

The good news is that we have got rid of the Useless 240v inverter and that we got 7 years out of a set of batteries which bodes well for the future.

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