A fair wind for France?!

We had been following our #PredictWind weather app most of the week and there was a real chance that Saturday could be a good day to make for Dover and if Sunday was calm, then on to France!  

PredictWind app seems pretty reliable so far and is easy to use! It gives 4 forecasts so plenty of opportunity to pick the result you want!!

Wind direction was perfect, just a bit light that’s all. We would still make about 4.5 knots, which seems to be Grace’s normal speed! No real plan but packed the passports and some Euros just in case! 

The passage plan from Sovereign Harbour at Eastbourne was made, the first leg from the safe water mark at the mouth newly dredged and rebuoyed channel would be 090 for 10 M to our waypoint off Hastings 50 47′.2 N and 0 35′.8 E .

The second leg from Hastings to Dungeness Point is on a bearing of 064 for 16 M to the 2 yellow buoys about a mile off the point. 

The final leg is to small craft channel at Dover on a bearing of 046 for 18 M. At a distance of around 45 M and 10 hours it would have been our longest days sail yet!

But……. and there is always a but!

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