Not quite Brighton! 

We were planning on taking Grace to Brighton this weekend, a sail of about 45 miles with a stop over in Littlehampton but the weather turned out to be horrible. So we took the opportunity to find and take all the things, clothes, shoes and so on that we might need for our Baltic cruise. There was a mountain of stuff which we packed into vacuum bags! 

A mountain of clothing squished into vacuum bags!

As we unload the car in Chichester we thought we would never fit it all in, however Grace is like the Tardis and it all went in with space left for an essential 1000 Twinings Everyday teabags! AND I also found a spare 10 kg Bruce Anchor!

A useful extra spare anchor!

We spent the afternoon labelling the most obvious things with my new label maker, checking our next good dates  to make Brighton and a trip out to Bognor Regis to find out what the big tent is you can see from the sea. It is Butlins! 

Bognor really is a dive, no wonder George V told them to bugger it!

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