Essential Jobs!

Friday I had the engine serviced although having watched Simon, the very helpful engineer do it and after my RYA engine course I think I could have a go at basic impeller, fuel and filter stuff! All was fine, it was only 30 hrs since the last oil change. He did comment on the lack of Volvo Penta service parts that had been used by the previous owners! Anyway we are all Penta-ed up now! 

He still had to do the belt change which will give me a spare and he will change the coolant as well. We are going to use the engine a lot in holland so better do it! 

I think we also sorted out some mystery electrics including the engine room fan, the smart battery charger and the inverter for  240 volts!

I also gave in with the outboard, and ask them to fix the idle speed as I couldn’t do it! So they’ve taken that away with them.

We just need to replace the shackle on the anchor chain with rope.

Today, Saturday I got covered in Marina mud! So off to have a shower, but at least I got the anchor sorted…..almost! 

We have 50 m of 8mm chain on a 15kg anchor. I know because I have it all out! I put the anchor on the pontoon and let the chain out! I wanted to mark every 10 m with cable ties but as soon as I brought the chain in the winch striped them off! I ended up going to the Chandlers to buy some extortionately priced colour blocks that fit inside the chain itself. They were an absolute nightmare to get in and I’m convinced that they will pop out at the first opportunity although at least I did get the chain back into the locker with them still on I think! So now red blocks indicate 10 m, white blocks at 20 m and yellow blocks at 30 m and red yellow and white blocks at 40 m!

Red at 10m , white at 20m, yellow at 30m and all three colours at 40m!
So the only thing left to do for the anchor is to replace the shackle that connects the chain to the boat with a piece of rope which we can cut if we have to make a quick exit for some reason!!

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